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A completely untouched or rather an ignored area for startups is the importance of community. You might ask, why would you, as an entrepreneur or a startup company, need anything even close to a community! You would be more interested in bootstrapping, finding that co-founder, registering a company or raising funds through some god forbidden route.

Still lost, as to why a community makes the least sense to you? Hold on. Let’s explore the meaning of a community first. The simplest definition of a community is “a social unit of any size that shares common values“. The word ‘social‘ can be replaced with ‘formal‘, ‘informal‘, ‘professional‘ and ‘casual‘. The types are not the subject of discussion here. Rather, there’s one part of the definition, that we all would have to pay rapt attention to: ‘shares common values‘! Very, very important! All startups and entrepreneurs have common values. But, is the sharing happening? If it is, is it happening at the scale and frequency that it has to? Get our point?

If you go back to Para 1 above, we mentioned some stuff that startups would be more interested in. Wouldn’t a community or a gathering of like-minded people, help accelerate that stuff? Bootstrapping becomes easier, you could find the right co-founder or at least be directed to one, a legal friend might help you out in forming your company or maybe you might just bump into an investor at one of the community events!

You don’t have to wait for some major event or fest to happen! A community is always there for you to tap into! You don’t need to join an organization also for that! Go to that coworking space around your neighbourhood, if there’s any! Community focus for startups is still at a nascent stage in India. Wonderful communities thrive in many coworking spaces around the world. And sometimes, people are unaware, such things even exist!

We would like to share some of the practices, that we follow, to promote, networking, collaboration and idea bounce at Clowork

1. Only 10% of our crowd is repeating audience. This helps in building a larger network and community

2. We conduct an event or workshop in our space irrespective of the crowd that turns out. Size doesn’t matter. Quality does.

3. Not all our events are targeted at entrepreneurs. This helps in disruption

4. We have created an online virtual community to which all the attendees are added. This helps them interact post event

5. And of course, our events are designed in a fantastic manner, that let everyone participate

Now, I guess, we shouldn’t be saying more about why the community is important for you people! You must have already understood!

Take Away: Go, join a coworking space right away or at least attend events, at one of them, if they conduct any

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