5 Valuable Lessons Startup Employees Learn

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A compact team, long working hours, a flat hierarchy, and a vibrant environment is what defines today’s startup culture.  While many fear to work for startups because of the chaos, cash crunch, and failure, the millennial is being more and more attracted to them for work-life harmony.

Keeping aside the pitfalls, startups can be amazing launchpads for one’s career. Especially the learning involved is top-notch. Here are five lessons you can expect to learn by working at a startup:


With limited resources, there’s enough work for everyone. It will be multitasking in its true sense as one will have to wear many hats. For example, a hardcore coder will also be allocated the responsibility of technical sales. With everyone around pulling extra weight, you cannot complain about the workload. This teaches you some important lessons on how to deal with pressure and juggle multiple responsibilities.

Learning and MORE learning

By definition, startups are bootstrapped and always hustling. You cannot expect people to handhold and ease you into the job. You will have to figure out things as you go along and learn the tricks of the trade yourself. The process of learning you adapt to as a result will prove to be priceless over the course of your career.

Embracing Failure

Startup employees should be aware that there are more chances of the venture failing. So being part of a team, that paces the thin line between success and failure, gives you the chance to observe breakdown close hand and fear it less. This goes a long way in hardening your mental psyche for future challenges.


These days, there’s a growing emphasis on flexibility and agility, for both companies as well as their workers. The constant ups and downs and handling multiple roles will teach you the virtues of adaptability. The dynamic environment at startups will prepare you to embrace and adapt to change, rather than resist it. Being adaptable makes a candidate ideal for any kind of role.

Risk Taking Nature

If you chose to work at a startup, you will begin to understand how to measure and take calculated risk. As you progress in life, you might have to take decisions with minimal data. Trusting your instincts and basing your decision on a proven risk profile is a skill that many would crave for.

In short, working at a startup is an exciting mess. It changes you for the better, alters your perspective towards the world and gets your ready for the long haul.

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