Many of you might be wondering as to how we can equate two terms on different ends of the spectrum. While discipline and freedom seem apart, they are true partners. And let us tell you why in the following paragraphs.

As a rebellious teenager or 20 something, we want to defy the system, live life on our own terms and travel the world. Nothing wrong with it as everything is a lesson. Discipline is always perceived in a negative state. But let’s try to hack discipline from a different perspective.

Malcolm Gladwell in his international best-selling book, ‘Outliers’ talks about how some of the most successful people had already put in enough hours before going big. He calls it the 10,000-hour rule. Spend 10,000 hours on any subject or interest and you become a pro enough to succeed, grow and thrive. The key is consistency. A bit every day. That’s discipline in its simplest definition.

Now how do we derive freedom from discipline. Here are 3 simple steps for a start:

  1. Be disciplined enough to work out regularly, you are free from disease
  2. Stay disciplined enough to meditate every day, you are free from mental suffering
  3. Remain disciplined enough to read a book consistently, you are free from ignorance

And the list can go on. We say that is true freedom. Not being addicted to vices and being rebellious. If we aren’t improving ourselves on a daily basis, then the whole purpose of life is defeated.

Now, it is up to you to choose. Do you want to be just free or liberated?

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