Some of you might have come across something called ‘Fuckup Nights‘ on your social media feed. And you might be wondering as to what this profanely titled event is all about. It is an event for┬ápeople who believe in living life without filters. Read ahead to know more.

Fuckup Nights – The Origin

Don’t judge the event by its title! This one-of-a-kind event focuses on celebrating failure and provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share their close-held mistakes with the world. A lot of lessons to be learned here.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share failure stories with the public. Currently, this community is present in 80 countries and 300+ cities. Most platforms do not provide you an opportunity to speak about your failures and why? Everybody loves success and those rags to riches stories which seriously speaking have become cliched. But the fact is that there are more takeaways from someone sharing their mistakes.

Failure – The Taboo

Failure isn’t well received by people. Their psyche has been embedded with the craving for success and an allergy to failure. One simply cannot be allowed to fail in this modern society or he’s a reject. Then what’s the point in the saying that ‘Failures are stepping stones to success’. There is simply no logic in why wouldn’t people seek to learn from failures. That is the case subconsciously anyway. This platform makes it more of open expression.

Possibilities & Takeaways

Very few entrepreneurs would like to share their failures. Convince them as to why it is beneficial for them and to the larger audience and bang! Magic happens and how:

  • Failure is accepted as part of the journey
  • Lessons learned help build a stronger foundation
  • Sharing failure reduces the learning curve of colleagues
  • Sets precedence for overcoming obstacles and moving on
  • Talent will take necessary risks without the fear of failing

Understanding the true possibilities of such a format, we have brought Fuckup Nights to our own Hyderabad. Vol. 1 was recently held with great stories from founders and participation from the select audience. We intend to make this a regular event and eradicate the embarrassment linked with failure.

Fail fast. Learn fast. Live life without filters.