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Art is omnipresent. We experience and create art on a regular basis consciously. Indulging in art and crafts once in a while stimulates creative thinking, sense of camaraderie and innovation.

Objet D’art, is a 2-day art workshop that aims to achieve the same.

Day 1 – 13th April, 3 PM, Mixed Media Photo Frame:

Mixed media art is a term used to describe the bringing together of a multitude (mix) of different elements (media) in a variety of different ways. In this workshop, participants would be creating a photo frame with a lot of blending of colors and a whole lot of embellishments and sparkle them with glitters and stickers.

Day 2 – 14th April, 3 PM, Clay Bowl and Bird Making:

Clay art modeling is a fun art activity that involves the sculpting and molding of modeling clay into a variety of shapes and objects. This encourages creativity and helps to develop visualization and interpersonal skills.

Who is it for?
Artists or enthusiasts aged 9 and above