Globalization has made the world flat and it has never been easier for goods and people to move around. However, logistics and mobility isn’t something that is easy to solve. Especially when it comes to businesses hiring and relocating their talent pool across state and national borders.

Relocation is actually a huge problem for a lot of people. Although there are traditional operators, they weren’t really offering a seamless experience. That’s wheFlytta, a Hyderabad-based startup decided to disrupt the relocation services industry with its product.

Team ELEVATE caught up with its founder, Rahul Kanuganti and here’s what he has to say:

Tell us why you chose the complicated logistics industry?

When we are on the verge of sending people to Mars and colonizing it, isn’t solving the logistics problem back here easier?  I have noticed and experienced the stakeholder disconnect first hand. If they have the right communication channels, mobility can become seamless. That’s what we are solving.

What were you working on before starting up Flytta?

I worked with the Indian Chapter of the National Space Society. I spent time researching on Mars colonization and Robotic Mars Rover at NASA and The Mars Society.

Flytta is a one-stop-shop for relocation. How do you maintain quality across services?

Our core business is moving. However, our technology platform enables more than moving by plugging in trained service partners horizontally. Highly modular and self-explanatory, even service partners with no knowledge can adapt quickly to the app flow. Nevertheless, we still hold orientation sessions and measure performance.

What is the larger vision of Flytta in the upcoming years?

We want to work on global mobility. Our road map is to scale to 9 countries in the coming 3 years. The larger vision is to enable employers to move their talent across the globe seamlessly using our technology.

You have raised a seed round a while ago. Any plans for fundraising soon?

We have raised $350,000  from an angel syndicate. The next step is to raise a series of $5 million.

2019 seems to be your expansion year. What’s on the plate?

We have gone international! Southeast Asia is our focus. Operations have already started in Singapore and Hong Kong. China too is on our map.

What growth hacking techniques do you use to drive conversions?

We have a strong marketing team to close leads. Growth hacking hasn’t yet played a prominent role as we let product innovation speak for itself. 

Where do you think the Indian mobility industry will head to?

Indian Mobility Industry is growing rapidly at a CAGR of 7% with the adoption of Electric Vehicles, Drones and other New Age solutions. It is heading towards a level playing field where India also shall meet global standards.

4 tips to first-time entrepreneurs.

  • Keep walking. Prepare to face anything.
  • Find a mentor who can nurture you to be a leader
  • Never shun innovation and feedback
  • Choose your team wisely

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