Who would have thought that grads from ivy leagues and people with significant work experience would be enthusiastic about agriculture. Agritech has been attracting a lot of attention and investment as a sector. An AI has entered the scene to change things for the better. Working on these emerging fields is Bowery, a Newyork-based startup which is using Artificial intelligence(AI) at its best for taking care of the crop and to improve efficiency of the workforce.

In Bowery’s indoor farm, an employee¬† consults with a computer for his daily tasks. The machine is a piece of proprietary software that uses reams of data collected at the farm to make important decisions: how much to water each plant, the intensity of light required, when to harvest and so forth. It was a software developed to run a vertical farm in a New Jersey industrial park. Bowery says the machines are constantly learning how to grow crops more effectively and are more than a match for the intuition of a seasoned farmer.

Bowery which believes that their indoor farms create the ideal conditions for growing the purest produce is trying their best to see that every plant in their farms are precisely cared for without pesticides and are trying to eventually figure out a way to automate their processes. And the company has made progress! Even processes such as seeding, once done by hand, are now carried out by machines.

Countries like U.S and China have always demonstrated that assortment of technology like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, geo-tagging & satellite monitoring, and farm management software can be applied at every stage in the agricultural lifecycle to increase productivity and farm incomes.

India too has been attracting a lot of interest in the agritech vertical. This led to us witnessing success stories of several agripreneurs.

Sources: EconomicTimes