The title is all fancy. What do you do? Well, I am an Entrepreneur. Someone who can beat all odds and taste immense success. Someone who can build a plane while falling off a cliff. Someone who sees the reward while others only view risk. If you observe, we are still at the title and some pride filled words.

Only when it comes to action and execution will one realize the hardships involved. No one seems to be believing in you or your idea. You constantly hit cash crunches and take up menial service projects to keep things moving. Pressure keeps building up from several quarters on whether you are doing the right thing or not. Your friends and colleagues are “settling down” with a cushy pay, a house, and a car while you drag yourself day in and day out and your employees no more believe in your vision.

If we can turn around the story in a single paragraph, what can reality do to you? It is a roller coaster ride minus the fun element. Because at the end of it, you are only going to throw up.

People get into entrepreneurship for all the wrong reasons. Money, fame, power, quick success which is non-existent by the way and sheer boredom of a 9 to 5 job. Nobody can be denied the privilege of that choice. The more the better. But how do you approach that with a pinch of caution? Is entrepreneurship a job, a lifestyle or a journey?

None of the above. It is a mindset. To do something different and challenging while making an impact both on others and yourself. How the impact is measured is a personal choice. One who chooses to become an entrepreneur is always vibrating in that frequency of how to get things done despite all odds. He is constantly working on an action plan in his head to persevere all the nonsense the world is going to throw at him.

And how does one introduce caution into the picture? By studying the industry he operates in, talking to fellow entrepreneurs, understanding who all are affected by his decisions (both personal and professional) and realizing when to stop the circus and exit. One surely cannot bleed beyond his abilities.

As complicated as the word is, it seeks people with grit, immense patience, creativity, and executive abilities. You don’t choose entrepreneurship. It chooses you.