We all are fully aware of the statement that ‘customer is king’. True, because you wouldn’t be selling your wares without a customer. So, businesses and companies go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction and service. Amazon, for example, believes in customer delight (not just satisfaction). However, all of this comes at a price. Lower employee morale, companies not sticking to their principles and customers taking undue advantage of a business.

Ever wondered what kind of beating a client facing executive takes on a regular basis? We should be really grateful to these stalwarts who protect our businesses day in and day out by solving queries. As a customer, he’s the only one we can vent our justified frustration on.

Agreed that customer is truly king but at what cost? Are you willing to bend over backward just to satisfy the bloated ego of a person? Will you bypass company policies and rules to win a large client? Are you ok with your employees working long hours driving morale down? Where do you draw the line?

It is always wise to build a scope within which you want to gain, serve and retain a customer. Customer service is something that rolls into action once your product or service has been sold.

Here a few things that could be done to keep your customers super happy:

  1. Let the product speak for itself. Ensure that your product is amazing and delivers on what it has promised. How many times did you call Apple customer care?
  2. Set customer expectations. Never overpromise and underdeliver. This error will set into action unwanted friction.
  3. Maintain customer history. Don’t keep asking the same questions again and again. This can frustrate anybody, much more a customer.
  4. Ensure a quick turnaround. The service time depends on the industry. Make sure you are meeting that. A food delivery business cannot have a turn around of 2 hours! You get the point.
  5. Establish cross-functional contact. A customer’s time is important. Don’t make him wait. Reach out to any team out there that can solve the issue ASAP.
  6. Take feedback. Issue resolved? Don’t stop there. Take genuine feedback from your customer. If possible, thank him maybe with a small gift. A voucher maybe?
  7. Build a Community. Progressive businesses have developed platforms for customers to solve queries themselves. Check out Oneplus community.
  8. Give it back to unruly customers. Facing an unreasonable, unruly and rogue customer who wants to squeeze the juice out of you? Meh, he’s not worth your time.

We all know how hard it is to win paying customers. Don’t lose them for obvious reasons.