Getting bored of something is human nature. Especially when a man leads a mechanical life on a daily basis.  He is of the belief that if he changes his circumstances, location, job or company, it will help him overcome that feeling of monotony. Well, nothing else is farther away from the truth.

Anything gets monotonous in life. Yes, one might be temporarily gratified but over a period of time, he ends up at square one. Why is this? Is it because of man’s constant quest for new things, adventure, and excitement? If this is the case, then how long can he escape oldness and monotony?

Maybe, we should pick some lessons from the inner sciences here! Are monotony and boredom just in your head? Can you do that same thing you have been doing for months in a different way? Have you tried to build a new perspective on your work and life? Have you tried to seek guidance from people who have already been there and done that?

Something that you keep doing every day becomes more like a habit and you just have to act subconsciously on it. This is the human brain’s way of conserving energy. In other words, boredom, and monotony because you lack any form of new learning or excitement in what you do.

So, how do we make our work and life exciting? Here are a few pointers that might help:

  1. Make life result oriented. Don’t do anything for the sake of it.
  2. Understand the bigger picture. Learn how you fit into the puzzle.
  3. Anything that you do should serve in your personal development.
  4. Don’t be misled by peer pressure and greener pastures.
  5. Never live or work at the cost of others.
  6. Find a mentor to build a wonderful future.
  7. Express new found gratitude, kindness, and appreciation.
  8. Believe that you can change, adapt and overcome. Always.

Monotony isn’t something that’s created by your partner, life, work or environment. It is and always was in our heads. It cannot be destroyed but can only be suppressed.