There are a lot of gadgets that we use on a daily basis that were part of old science fiction films. Then again, since its fiction, the pace of developments in the Science and Technology realm of the real world do not match up. Nvidia is however changing this and bridging the gap between the two.

And how? By driving a car in real life through Virtual Reality (VR). So basically, remote control of a life size car sitting in your living room! Does it sound like a scene out of a bond film? Or the more recent usage of the tech in the massively successful movie, Black Panther? Well, the technology does seem to exist as demoed by Jensen HuangCEO of Nvidia on stage at their GTC Conference.

There was a demonstrator on stage wearing a HTC Vive headset and seated in front of a steering wheel. He could control a SUV remotely through a software which goes by the name Holodeck. And the feed was aired live to a large audience shocking them with the possibilities and use cases.

No details as to technology specifications and commercial availability were stated. Still at Proof-of-Concept stage, they even haven’t named the product. NVIDIA is keenly interested in the self-driving market and this seems to be a show of the company’s capabilities.

This comes amid Nvidia suspending its autonomous vehicle testing on public roads after Uber’s fatal crash in Arizona. Uber has been using the chipmaker’s platform in its self-driving fleet. Will autonomous cars thrive in the future?

*Sources : The Verge