Industry experts consider social media is the future of marketing but the company behind the most innovative products in the world, Apple actively avoids the same whenever possible. In this age of social media, when brands are furiously attempting to create content, promote it, and then breathlessly check for likes and shares, Apple chose to be an introvert.

Apple and Social Media

Apple entered the social media party in 2017 much later than the rest of the world. In a generation where 6000 tweets are being posted every second, Apple has never tweeted. It, however, has a following of 2.3M tweeple. If you check Apple’s Facebook page, you’re only going to find a few pictures and nothing else. On YouTube, they’ve turned the comments off on the videos, removing the social ingredient to them. So their videos are basically ads. They use their official Instagram account to showcase pictures that were shot on iPhone by people across the globe.

Why is Apple so different?

Steve Jobs once said, ‘People don’t know what they want until you show it to them’. This is probably why Apple does not rely on direct feedback from customers (which mostly comes from social media). Also, it does not need a separate channel to get external feedback. It can find a bunch of people talking about their products anytime.

Social media is also considered the most powerful tool for pushing sales but at the same time it is difficult for a brand to look premium. Therefore, most luxury brands don’t use social media to promote sales. Besides offering great products, Apple also extends great customer service in other ways, not on social media.

Over the years, Apple has built a consistent brand by making their end users happy. Their products talk for themselves. Considering its brand value and market capitalization of $1trillion, there’s no doubt in saying that Apple is one of the few companies that can afford to avoid Social Media.