The world’s most popular dating app Tinder has rolled out more gender options in India for users outside the gender binary. This new feature has added 23 more genders and users can type any word that describes their identity. The company has collaborated with transgender users and India’s oldest LGBTQ organization, The Humsafar Trust’.

Tinder has published a post admitting it hasn’t always “had the right tools” to serve its community in the past. It is now trying to learn to be a better ally to transgender and gender non-conforming people using its app. On this front, Tinder says it’s expanding its support team and educating its staff about the issues that these communities face in India.

On announcing the new feature, Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder India said, “Inclusivity, acceptance and individuality are core values of Tinder. Users are best to assert their own identity, and our latest update gives them the opportunity to decide how to express themselves authentically. I think it is vital to be reflective of our time, and it has been a good year in India for gender, sexuality and personal autonomy.”

Gender Bias

Tinder is inviting back all users from the LGBT community who had been previously banned from the app. One can email their account details to to get back on the platform and their profiles will be reviewed.

Every new person in your life expands your horizons in some way. Inclusion and acceptance drive this expansion, and we want Tinder to reflect the world that surrounds us every day. No one will ever be banned from Tinder because of their gender,” said Tinder.

Tinder has been making its platform more India-centric recently. Its “My Move” feature is exclusive in India which gives women more control over their profile. Before this, anyone could message the other based on interest, but now women can choose to message their counterpart first.

Because of the rapid adoption of smartphones and the increasing population, Tinder, like any other major tech company, sees India as a key market.